We can trace our roots back to two of Toledo's communications and marketing leaders - Wendt Advertising Agency and Rotsinger Tenny Richard. In 1980, Wendt Rotsinger Kuehnle, Inc. was formed as the result of a merger between these two advertising powerhouses.

We grew up in Toledo. We live here. We love it here. We know this market inside and out. We can tell you what's working for you and why. We can tell you what's not working and suggest something new. Our knowledge knows no bounds and we skillfully serve many industries.

We continue to enjoy long-term relationships with may of our clients. We accomplish that by doing whatever it takes to service our clients. We are not vendors - we are partners. We're just as committed to your success as you are.

Harold F. Wendt

Harold founded the agency in 1923 when he was 25 years old! A self starter! Some of his first accounts were the Strong Electric Company, creators of the "Super Trooper", the spotlight used in theatrical productions like "Holiday on Ice". He also represented a Chicago company that manufactured car speakers for drive-in movie theatres. One of the most interesting accounts was being the regional promoter for Tom Mix, the cowboy movie star.

Bert Rotsinger

Albert Rotsinger was a founding member of the Rotsinger Tenney Richard agency. In 1980, they merged with Wendt Advertising to create WRK, or Wendt Rotsinger Kuehnle Inc. Bert's specialty was Industrial and Commercial accounts, such as Tru-Fast Roofing products of Bryan, OH.

Frank Kuehnle

Frank Kuehnle joined Wendt Advertising immediately after serving his country in World War II and remained active with the agency until 1990. In addition to working with commercial and industrial accounts such as Tru-Fast, Kern-Liebers USA and Luma Electric, he brought retail accounts to the agency. Those included Athletic Supply, Frisch's Big Boy, Wood Products and two accounts that are still with WRK today after more than 40 years ... Titgemeier's Feed and Garden Store and Vin Devers.