Greg Kuehnle

Greg is the "K" in WRK Advertising. After joining Wendt Advertising, Greg has worked in every possible aspect of the business. He handles everything from media buying to copywriting; he directs & produces TV & radio spots and coordinates public relations efforts. With Greg's many years of experience, he has worked with a wide variety of accounts many of which have remained with WRK for 20 years or more. You can email Greg at:

John Guitteau

John was born & raised in Toledo. He graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in communications and joined WRK after many years in the advertising sales field. John is an expert in media planning and buying on all levels: local, regional & national. Writing and producing television and radio commercial is also an area of his expertise. John will work with your company to develop a marketing strategy and then implement that strategy to produce positive results. In 2003, John became Vice President of WRK Advertising. You can email John at:

Sue Pruss

Sue came to WRK Advertising with many talents in the art field, all of which are drawn upon as our Art Director. As such, she is responsible for overseeing and running the art department including all aspects of graphic design on all of our accounts. Her experience & creativity are put into use every day as she works with not only print media but broadcast media as well. She consistently pushes herself to create exciting, innovative & unique ads and concepts for each of our clients. You can email Sue at:

Tom Carver

Tom is the newest member of our team. In 2008, WRK brought Tom on as our Production Manager & the department has never run more smoothly. He is responsible for ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget and most importantly with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. He has over two decades of professional experience in the advertising & marketing field with both local and nationally recognized agencies. Where Tom shines most is his attention to details and his commitment to success for our clients. You can email Tom at:

Sandra Deer

Sandy came to be a member of the WRK team almost by accident. Luckily for us, destiny had something else in store for her because she has been instrumental in ensuring the financial stability of the agency over the years. If you haven't already figured this out, Sandy is responsible for the financial end of the agency. She works diligently with vendors & clients to make sure all agreements are kept and all parties involved are treated fairly. You can email Sandy at: