Why Automate Your Customer Data Migration with Wrk?

  • Start driving post-M&A value immediately

    Don’t wait months to get everyone on the same page. Launch your Wrkflow in a matter of days with no-code technology to ensure a smooth transition for your clients and provide your team with the data they need to stay productive and informed.

  • Solve for legacy systems and disparate technology

    Filing cabinets full of invoices? Two very different instances of Salesforce? An internal ERP with no API? Bring it on, we’ve got you covered. Wrk leverages a mix of industry-best technology to account for analog data, legacy internal systems, custom instances and anything else you can throw at it.

  • Keep things flexible in a time of change

    Give your team the ability to adjust-course as new information comes out of the woodwork. Unlike traditional automation, the flexible nature of Wrk Actions means you can continuously tweak your Wrkflows to accommodate new requirements without bringing in a team of contractors.

Collect customer data across multiple CRMs, legacy systems and client portals

Your customer information lives in a lot of different places, and every bit of it is valuable. Thanks to Wrk’s Hybrid Automation technology, our Wrkflows are not limited to software with public APIs. Gather your data from wherever it’s hiding to make sure all teams have access to the information they need to provide an impeccable customer experience.

Data Collection and Transformation

Prepare your customer data for consolidation

No matter what two (or more) systems housed your data pre-merger, there is always some prep to be done. Even two instances of Salesforce will consist of different custom properties and account structures from team to team. With Wrk, you can automatically clean and transform your client data in preparation for migration, ensuring you don’t lose a single data point or valuable customer insight.

Data Transformation

Generate complete customer base reports to identify overlapping accounts

Take a fully coordinated approach to revenue generation by quickly flagging common accounts across your organizations and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Equip all account managers with the right information including product usage, billing history, previous account ownership and more, while simultaneously removing duplicates to ensure a seamless transition.

Client Data Report Generation