Speed up onboarding by automating manual,
time-consuming steps

Strong customer onboarding plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, adoption and renewal rates. Build a solid foundation for your clients by automating the beginning of their journey—making it easier to deliver a seamless and consistent experience.

Extract customer information from multiple sources

Automatically gather customer information from your CRM, service agreement PDFs, sales notes, internal docs or onboarding forms and consolidate it in one place.

Create and update customer profiles

Create new customer accounts in your internal platform or CRM using the extracted customer data. Then, why not update existing profiles automatically to reveal upsell and cross-sell opportunities?

Build and share your onboarding kit

Instantly share your client's welcome package so they have access to their system, documentation, tutorials, customer portal links and more. Once that's done, automatically set up a meeting with their account manager.

Communicate across cross-functional teams

Coordinate onboarding tasks smoothly in Jira, Slack, or any other internal app by automating tickets to IT, Sales, HR and other cross-functional teams.

Reduce customer service costs and minimize churn rate

A successful onboarding experience leads to long-term customers who understand and make the most out of your product or service. This drastically reduces customer support costs while also minimizing your churn rate in the long run.

Flow information through legacy systems

Old legacy systems make it difficult to provide a smooth end-to-end customer onboarding experience. They also make it difficult to maintain the relevant data across all your systems. Wrk leverages the power of bots, APIs, RPA & real human Wrkers to overcome this challenge and enable a seamless flow of information to deliver an enhanced and effortless customer experience.


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Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.