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In our Customer Success Hub, you can sift through our comprehensive Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow white paper, watch an informative interview that we did with Stephanie LeBlanc, and explore our customizable Customer Success Wrkflows to your heart’s content.

If you want to delve deeper into what Wrk can do for your HR team, then why not book a meeting with one of our Automation Specialists?

Survive Today


Learn How Automation Can Help You Retain Customers

In this white paper, we outline why customer retention is more important now than ever before, and explore how your customer success team can adopt Wrk’s seamless automation platform to achieve their goals more effectively.


Managing Customer Success Teams During Unprecedented Times

Our Director of Marketing, Kelsea Gust, sat down with Stephanie LeBlanc, Director of Customer Success at Coveo, to unpack the impact of recent unprecedented times on Customer Success teams. Learn how Stephanie maintains strong ties with both her team and customers in this remote world, how constraints breed innovation, and what lessons she seeks to apply post-pandemic.

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Wrk integrates with all your favourite Customer Success Tools.

Need to integrate with software that doesn’t have a public API? No problem. Wrk doesn’t rely on APIs to connect to your systems, so there’s nothing standing between you and the data you need.

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“Customer retention has always been a key strategy to foster a loyal client base. In fact, many experts believe that a 5% increase in customer retention rates can yield more than 25% in profit increases.”

Bipasha Sultana