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In our Customer Support Hub, you can download our latest white paper to see how Wrk is helping Customer Support teams adapt to the changing trends of customer behaviour —we’ve even included some top tips from our friends at Intercom too. You can also explore our Customer Support Wrkflows and sift through our detailed blog posts to visualize how you can use automation to help your team today.

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Customer Support White Paper

No Customer Left Behind

This white paper takes an in-depth look at the changing trends in customer behaviour and how they directly impact customer support teams globally with input from conversational support pioneer Intercom.

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Using Wrk for Customer Support Automation

Wrk’s Delivery Platform automates simple to complex customer service processes effortlessly—giving you more time to deliver the perfect client experience for your customers.

At Intercom, we deeply embrace automation and bots to help businesses enhance their support experience and build conversational relationships with customers

Bobby Stapleton - Sr. Manager Customer Support at Intercom