What is Hybrid Automation?

Organizations typically scale their processes in two ways: pure outsourcing—ie. throwing bodies at the problem—or automation, which facilitates work but doesn’t actually produce deliverables. Neither route is perfect, and leave countless edge cases in their wake.

Enter Hybrid Automation Wrkflows. Each step can be completed with automation, AI or actual trained people. The platform chooses the optimal delivery method for your task, and learns over time to continuously optimize.

Benefits of Hybrid Automation

How does it work?

Automated workflows split your business processes into individual steps. From there, these steps are automatically tackled by either advanced automation, skilled workers, or a combination of both. The benefits of a hybrid approach? Delivering the actual work you need with higher quality and lower costs.


Select and customize your Wrkflow

Select and customize your Wrkflow

Choose from an extensive library Wrkflow Templates or build your own with our easy-to-use drag-n-drop Wrkflow Builder. Use as-is or click to customize to your heart's content.
Save big with parallel steps

Save big with parallel steps

Each Wrkflow consists of individual steps. Larger steps are further divided into smaller ones, and anything that can happen in parallel, does, saving you time and money.
Let automation do its thing

Let automation do its thing

Advanced automation tackles the majority of your Wrkflow, including triggers, connectors, and algorithms. Bots also kickstart all manual jobs for added efficiency.
Seal the deal with a human touch

Seal the deal with a human touch

Our fully integrated Wrkforce tackles anything that can't be automated—meaning you can say goodbye to impossible edge cases, and hello to a happier and more productive team.


Discover How Our Clients Use Wrk Today


Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.


So what's the secret behind these major savings?

Our Hybrid Automation platform is a sophisticated integration and delivery system designed with micro-tasks, parallelization, and an expansive library of Wrk Actions at its core. These three tenets empower our skilled Wrkforce to fill the knowledge gaps as required.

Wrkflow Splitting

Wrkflow Splitting

Built with micro-tasking at its core, Wrk's platform is devoted to breaking down complex processes into streamlined digital workflows.
Parallel Running

Parallel Running

Running multiple steps of a workflow in parallel means we can ensure expedited completion times while maintaining quality deliverables.
24/7 Global Wrkforce

24/7 Global Wrkforce

Our skilled Wrkforce is dotted across the world. This means that they can start and finish any task at any time.
Optimized Processes

Optimized Processes

By merging the unmatched critical thinking of humans with bleeding-edge automation, we are always able to guarantee process optimization.

Mohannad El-Barachi | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Wrk

"Through the allocation of meaningful work, fair pay, and upskilling opportunities, we have been able to empower our Wrkforce to maximize their potential.

Merging this approach with advanced automation has resulted in untold benefits for our customers, who now get to experience all the positives that Hybrid Automation offers their organization.”

Guaranteed high-quality work

At Wrk, we are committed to taking work off your plate, not merely moving it to another one. Our platform is designed to ensure that quality and quantity don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals for your business.

Rigorous QA Process

Our rigorous QA process is designed with human-on-human supervision at its core. This ensures no mistakes slip through.

Only pay for success

You will only ever pay for a job once it has been completed to the highest standard possible. No exceptions.

Skilled Wrkers

Our Wrkforce consists of writers, designers and many other skilled professions–making it as diverse as it is proficient!

Built for speed

Like all elements of Wrk, the duality of human endeavor with automation ingenuity is integral to the speed at which our Hybrid Automation platform operates, and is a key reason why we can deliver better and faster.

Tooling for Efficiency

Our platform was built to equip our Wrkforce with tools and bots so they can complete all levels of tasks quickly and effectively.

Splitting & Parallelization

Splitting larger tasks into smaller parallelized steps means that your processes are completed quicker and with higher quality.

Wrkers in Every Timezone

Members of our Wrkforce are based in countries across the world. This means that they can commence and complete Wrkflows 24/7.

Security is our top priority

Security is the number one priority for us. We work diligently to ensure that those who use our service can rest assured that their personal information is safe and secure at all times.

Data Masking

We guarantee that all confidential data shared with us is masked, and that only the data necessary to the completion of work is visible.

Verified Wrkers

Using a two-step process, we ensure that all Wrkers on our platform are verified using a government ID.

No Credential Sharing

Our in-browser workstation provides a Wrker temporary access to your systems without ever sharing sensitive login information or credentials.