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From recruitment to onboarding, Human Resources was previously seen as a particularly heavy-touch industry. Today it is far more virtual with video interviews and online onboarding largely replacing face-to-face interactions. Automation has proven to be a key tool for many HR professionals looking to unlock the potential of remote work—with Automation Platforms like Wrk proving particularly valuable.

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Add Task in Asana
Create a new task in a project in Asana
Add Employee Profile in BambooHR
Create employee profile for new hire in BambooHR
Add Product to Google Business Listing Store
Add a new product into a Google Business Listing store
Add Row in Google Sheets
Add a row to an existing tab in Google Sheets
Add Text to a Google Slide
Add, replace, or remove text in a Google Slides presentation
Add Connection in LinkedIn
Request a new connection with optional message on LinkedIn
Add Image in Powerpoint
Add and format image in a slide in Microsoft Powerpoint
Add contact in Eloqua
Add a contact to an existing contact import definition in Eloqua
Call to Obtain Information
Make a phone call with a script to obtain information from the call recipient

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Using Wrk for Human Resources

Wrk is the world’s first Automation Platform that completely automates simple to complex processes so that your Human Resources team can focus on what’s most critical—face time with candidates and new hires. Explore our most popular HR Wrkflows today.

Recruitment Report

Replenish Your Recruitment Strategy With Automation

Today, virtual with video interviews and online onboarding has become the norm. In this Report, we look back at the challenges that recruiters faced during the pandemic, look forward to the opportunities offered by automation, and even share some insights from leading experts in the HR field along the way.

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Experts @ Wrk

Talent & Culture in a Work-from-Home World

Ben Lemelin, the Senior Vice President of Talent & Culture at Stradigi AI shares his insights on recruiting for fit, including proactive people scouting and slowing down the interview process in a fast-paced WFH world.

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Recruitment automation makes it so that HR teams can focus on the quality of how they engage with candidates online, not the logistics of it.

Tess Boissonneault