Our Founders

Built to make your life easier

Our founding vision for Wrk has always been centred around simplicity. Take a minute to read Mo and David’s thoughts on this goal and to better understand what Wrk is all about.

CEO & Co-Founder

Mohannad El-Barachi

“The automation ecosystem is vast, with a range of diverse solutions available. However, one common problem that we saw again and again when designing Wrk was that there were far too many barriers to entry for organizations eager to adopt automation but unsure where to begin. Wrk solves this problem by replacing high start-up costs, rigid implementation processes, and overly complex terminology with a transactional pricing structure, an easy-to-use platform centred around your business needs, and relatable, real-life use cases that show how automation can work for you today.”

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Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

David Li

“Typically, the main players in the automation space put machines first, with humans largely seen as a stepping stone to be disregarded once their particular task was done. Wrk was born out of a desire to turn this perception on its head and this is what we are striving to do with our pioneering Hybrid Automation platform. We fundamentally believe that automation can only be truly sustainable when machines and humans co-exist.”

David LI - COO of Wrk

Our Investors

The scale of support we have received from such a diverse group of respected investors really validates our ambitious vision to simplify the delivery of work. They’re all in on Wrk, are you?

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Our Leadership

Leading from the front

Our leadership team is made of a diverse range of ambitious and innovative individuals committed to redefining how we work. Learn more about them here.

Jacques Bouchard: Chief Technology Officer

With over a decade as CTO for Amazon's Global Security Operations Division, Jacques is a crucial part of our leadership team. Jacques possesses over 2 decades of experience developing and executing industry-leading practices in the spaces of physical security, logical security, IT and engineering-related programs for North American and international operations.

Jean-Francois Martin: VP, Product

Jean-Francois spent his entire career in the world of startups where he initiated and propelled the transformation from engineering focused organizations to product and sales driven to increase the valuation of each startup. He has mentored and led the transition process with agile development teams and sales/marketing to deliver world class commercial products.

Michael Thompson: SVP of Operations

Michael is a trusted business advisor with over 15 years of experience bringing startups to IPO through the implementation of people, process, and technology enhancements. Michael's unique skill set enables disruptive, high-growth potential companies to achieve profitable and sustainable growth by designing and implementing scalable sales and operations frameworks.

Mathieu Rebeiro: VP of Automation Solutions

Mathieu is a passionate leader, strategist & technologist. He has extensive experience leading high-performing teams to create unique, industry-leading solutions. Mathieu has expertise in Financial Services and has led teams and solved challenges at some of the largest financial institutions and brands in the world including Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank and Sun Life Financial.

Khoi Le Trong: VP, Finance

Khoi has led growth through multiple industries and brings a versatile skill set which enables scaling at a high speed pace in all operational aspects of the Organization. Having over 15 years experience working in industries such as technologies, real estate, manufacturing, and distribution allows him to bring a broad perspective to solving problems.