Plans & Pricing

Pay as You Go

  • No Minimums or Setup Fees

Perfect for smaller teams to explore automation with no commitments.

Unit Cost as You Go

  • Access to full library of Wrk Actions
  • Access to weekly new Wrk Actions
  • Access to full library of Wrkflow Templates
  • Live chat & email support

Most Popular

Automate with Me

  • $999 USD

Perfect for organizations looking for some guidance in building their first Wrkflow

One Time Fee + Unit Cost as You Go

  • All features from Pay as You Go
  • Automation Expert to Help Configure & Launch Your Wrkflow
  • Live Platform Training
  • SLA for new Wrk Actions development

Automate for Me

  • $4,999 USD

Perfect for organizations looking for customization, support & priority results

One Time Fee + Unit Cost as You Go

  • All features from Pay as You Go & Automate with Me
  • Dedicated Automation Expert to Build, Optimize and Launch Your Wrkflow
  • Dedicated Wrkflow monitoring
  • Shorter SLA for new Wrk Actions development
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Custom Plan

  • Volume Pricing Discounts

Perfect for organizations who know exactly what they need and have predicable volume of repetitive work

Custom Pricing

  • All the features you need, and none you don't
  • Custom Wrk Action pricing
  • Tiered-volume Discounts
  • Custom Wrk Action Development
  • Up to 24x7 support available

Example Pricing for
Popular Wrk Actions & Wrkflows

The cost of running a Wrk Action—which are connected together to form Wrkflows—varies based on complexity and the tech that powers them. Check out a few examples of common Wrk Actions and Wrkflows below.

Wrk Action Unit Cost
Automated Wrkflow Example Price per Unit Cost


  • What is a Wrk Action?

    A Wrk Action is a drop-n-drop block on the Wrk Platform that can automate a specific task. Wrk Actions are programmed to do a single thing really well, with very minimal setup and no technical know-how required.

  • What is a Wrkflow?

    A Wrkflow is a fully automated version of a business process. In the Wrk Platform, you can connect Wrk Actions together to build a Wrkflow. It's just like a flowchart of your process—but this one actually completes the work you map out.

  • Can you integrate with my existing tools?

    Yes! Wrk can integrate with any software, not just the ones that have public APIs. We leverage many different types of technology (including real humans) to make sure that we can work with any tool you have.

  • What technology does the Wrk Platform use?

    The magic of Wrk is the mixing of different technologies to eliminate the weak spots in traditional automation. The Wrk Platform dynamically uses API connectors, bots, industry-leading data providers, RPA, AI and OCR, and even real skilled humans. Don’t worry about selecting the right tech either—each Wrk Action automatically leverages the technology that will give you the best result.

  • Can you create custom Wrk Actions?

    Yes! Our Automate for Me Plan includes the ability to request custom Wrk Actions that match your own internal tools, niche requirements, or wildest dreams.

  • What if my current manual process happens offline?

    No problem at all. Wrk has a library of Wrk Actions that focus on digitizing documents, transcribing phone calls, scanning receipts and much more. You can use these Wrk Actions to unlock your data and bring your process fully online. We can even automate tasks that need to stay offline, like a human making a phone call.