Our Wrk Fundamentals

We started our journey at Wrk with three core beliefs. Everything that followed was based on these pillars.


“Any business process, either wholly or in part, can be broken down into repeatable micro-tasks.”

We’re helping organizations break down their business processes into digital workflows. Through our expansive library of Wrk Actions and the parallelization of tasks, we can speed up the delivery by a minimum of 200%.


Human Empowerment

“Across industries, human intelligence is often wasted on tasks that can be delegated to machines.”

We’re dedicated to empowering people with tools to better complete their work. By combining humans’ unmatched critical thinking, conversational subtlety, and creativity with bleeding-edge technology, Wrk blurs the lines between human & AI, making expensive and complex technology more accessible to all.


Value Chain Alignment

“Hourly compensation does not align the value-chain between those who need work done and those with the skillsets to deliver it.”

We’ve built an evolved compensation model based on supply and demand of indexed skill sets, paying for successful completion of tasks – rather than time – to better align the value-chain and promote speed without ever compromising quality or fair pay.

Redefining-Work-Value-Chain Wrk Action


Maximizing the benefits across the value chain for everyone involved. No exceptions.

We'll never add to your to-do list

We're not interested in becoming yet another tool your team needs to manage and maintain. We built Wrk to take work off your plate, and feed you quality deliverables instead.

We provide fair value to all

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients and Wrkforce feel good about working with us, and so we built our pricing algorithms to guarantee both living wages and high ROI.

We guarantee quality

Rigorous automated QA and the ability to filter for Premium Skillsets means we can guarantee all deliverables meet exceptional standards, or clients don't pay.

We're empowering communities

Integrated upskilling and support for our global Wrkforce ensures we're empowering communities towards long-term growth and not short-term solutions.