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Making the move away from a heavy-touch sector like Sales to a more virtual-first environment isn’t always easy and some have struggled to adapt. That’s where Wrk can help.

On this page, you can watch a webinar where we sat down with industry experts to discuss the Future of Sales, glean insights on how Hybrid Automation can enhance everything for your Sales team in our jam-packed Blog, and maybe even explore our Sales Wrkflows in closer detail.

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One common theme that connected almost all Sales teams in 2020 was the rise of virtual selling. In a recent webinar, Mo (our CEO) sat down with a number of Sales Executives to discuss the opportunities automation offers progressive Sales teams looking to make the transition to a more virtual world in 2021 and beyond.

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Using Wrk for Sales

Wrk’s powerful and seamless platform completely automates simple to complex processes, so that your Sales team can focus on what’s most critical—obtaining new leads, nurturing existing ones, and closing deals.

“One way we’ve been able to help our reps is by automating lead sourcing, and vetting leads—because it takes so much time…if you can save your team 10-15 minutes a day [by using automation tools], that helps out a ton.”

Brandon Goldman, VP of Sales at Qualio