Take a peek at what you can do with Wrk

Here are just a few of the hundreds of Copy Wrk Actions on our Platform today.

Wrk builds new Wrk Actions every week and can connect to any system, with or without an API.


Copy Content from Several Webpages

Google Sheets logo

Copy Spreadsheets from Google Sheets

Copy Existing Documents from Google Docs

Microsoft Powerpoint logo

Copy Data from PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft-Excel logo

Copy Sheets in Excel

file-pdf icon

Copy Keywords from PDFs

Salesforce Logo

Copy Leads in Salesforce

HubSpot Logo

Copy Contacts from Hubspot

Why deliver your work with Wrk?

Connect to Any System

Wrk is not restricted to using public APIs to connect to your tools, which means we can deliver work directly into legacy internal systems, leverage traditionally inaccessible data sources like LinkedIn, and unlock deliverability across your entire tech stack.

Work with Any Data Type

Wrk’s unique mixing of technologies into a single platform means we can work with any type of data or formats you work with—from CSV and PDFs, to image scans and handwritten documents. We’ll get your whole process digitized and deliver the results straight to your inbox in minutes.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Our Platform is insanely simple, but that doesn’t mean your processes have to be. Our Wrk Actions tackle singular steps in your existing workflow and are built to connect end to end. Click them together in any order, just like lego blocks, regardless of how unique or intricate your process is.

Popular Wrkflows using Wrk Action