Pull list of contacts that engaged with your content on LinkedIn



Cross-check list of contacts from social media engagement with LinkedIn followers



Send a templated response to engage with contacts prior to tailored follow-up



Export list of contacts from LinkedIn who engaged with your content



Dynamically enrich contact list with people and company insights



Upload list of contacts to lead list in Sugar CRM


How this Wrkflow will help you

Maximize Engagement

Our List Building from Social Media Engagement Wrkflow ensures all prospects that engage with your social media content are retargetted with follow-ups and no lead opportunity is missed. 

Simplify Analytics Integration

Integrate social media or Google analytics with Salesforce, HubSpot, or the CRM of your choice and automate reporting for greater insights into social media engagement patterns.

Enhance Conversions

Social media is great for brand awareness, but it lacks the conversion potential of email. This Wrkflow allows you to seamlessly transport leads from social media to your email-driven sales pipeline. 

Make this Wrkflow work for you

Thanks to our Hybrid Automation approach, Wrk can connect to any software that you currently use for List Building from Social Media Engagement, and in many cases our pre-configured Wrk Actions cover the entire cost of industry-leading tools your team already pays for. Two birds, one platform.

Popular Wrk Actions to Improve your List Building from Social Media Engagement Process

  • Add Product to Google Business Listing Store
    Add a new product into a Google Business Listing store
  • Add Row in Google Sheets
    Add a row to an existing tab in Google Sheets
  • Add Text to a Google Slide
    Add, replace, or remove text in a Google Slides presentation
  • Add Attachment to a Deal in HubSpot
    Attach any document to an existing deal in Hubspot
  • Add Image in Powerpoint
    Add and format image in a slide in Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Add a Deal in Pipedrive
    Create a new deal in Pipedrive
  • Add Note in Salesforce
    Add a note to a lead, account, contact, or opportunity in Salesforce
  • Call Lead from Contact List with HubSpot
    Call lead in Hubspot with customized script
  • Call to Inform
    Place a phone call with a provided script to relay information
  • Combine Data in Google Sheets
    Concatenate contents of multiple cells within a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Combine Data in Excel
    Concatenate contents of multiple cells within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Convert PDF to Excel
    Convert a PDF file to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Copy Google Slides
    Make a copy of an existing Google Slides presentation to create a new one
  • Delete Row in Google Sheets
    Delete a duplicate row or contact in Google Sheet
  • Delete Duplicate Record from Hubspot
    Delete a duplicate contact, company, or deal in Hubspot CRM
  • Edit Text in Acrobat
    Edit text in a PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  • Edit Text in Google Docs
    Add, replace or delete text in Google Docs

Did you know?

Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.