How We Wrk

We are fully remote, with team members currently based in Canada and the US. When you start at Wrk, you’ll be onboarded by a Senior in your department, and will have full access to guides and any information you need to thrive. Your team will always be a video chat away, ready to help (or say hello!). That said, we don’t believe in micromanaging and will not ask you to work past your set hours.

Work from home

Meet Our Team

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  • I feel like there's a great mix of different personalities. This is probably one of the most talented Engineering teams I've ever been on. If you want to come to a company where we're trying to rethink the way we do normal things every single day, this is the place to do it!

    Software Engineer
  • To work somewhere that's at the cutting-edge of a particularly interesting space in terms of automation is one thing, but also to do so with a team that believes strongly in what it's about both ethically and from a product perspective for me is a really fulfilling thing.

    Content Strategist , Wrk
  • There's a really good mix of fun and work at the same time. If you're interested in solving problems that haven't been solved before, this is a really great place for you. If you're looking at trying and developing new skill sets, this is definitely the place. I'm so impressed that we make strides and we move forward towards this goal that is just monumental.

    Technical Product Manager , Wrk
  • The leadership at Wrk empowers their people to flex whatever muscles inspire them, to take full ownership of projects and to fall in love with the problem. It's a space to truly do your best work, one that I'm so grateful for.

    Director of Marketing , Wrk

Wrk Life Balance

We believe good work starts with love of your craft. If you’re looking for a fast-paced environment surrounded by passionate people, Wrk may be the place for you. As an agile start-up, we believe in rapid growth, where a single week can change a lot.

Being remote doesn’t hold us back from forming relationships, and we look forward to getting to know what makes you tick! We value the time we have to connect, whether it be for a quick chat on Donut, weekly check-ins, or sharing dog memes on Slack.

Workers at desks

Support to Help you Grow

Health Benefits

Your health always comes first—and now, more than ever. We offer a flexible Health Plan and Life Insurance for you and your dependents, including dental and massage. (Currently Canada & US only.)

Flexible Hours

Home with kids? Late riser? We understand everyone keeps a different schedule, and life isn’t put on pause just because you’re working. We offer flexible hours, so you don’t have to stress about balancing it all at once.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years—or even 5 months? We perform regular check-ins to get a feel for where you’d like to improve, and build your role around what inspires you.

Office Space

We currently offer an office space in downtown Montreal, for individual teams to brainstorm and chat. (Availability subject to change as new safety measures are announced).


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