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It’s no secret that Marketing in 2020 requires agility, personalization, and a completely optimized approach. Wrk’s diverse range of capabilities include content writing and translation, voice recording and human phone calling, web scraping, lead scoring, and much much more. All these skills are linked up in our pre-built Wrkflows to help you automate the processes of a modern Marketing team and convert more MQLs.
  • Personalized Email Marketing
    Basic tokens are no longer enough to make your customers feel special. Move past merge fields by integrating account details, personalized notes, and tailored recommendations into nuanced emails that sound and look human.
  • Market Research Automation
    It’s a data-driven world, and research is a time-intensive but necessary process for evaluating everything from venues to market fit. Scale your efforts with the help of automated scraping, and our tech-empowered Wrkforce.
  • Telemarketing
    Make your way through those lists in record time with our international team of Wrkers. Wrk Phone Calls guarantee TCPA compliance, a lower cost per call, and are recorded for QA and insights.
  • Advertisement Versioning
    Whether you’re an agency or in-house team, ad versioning is a tedious task. Wrk’s proprietary mix of automation and human enablement tackles the whole process to your exact specs, leaving you with an error-free .zip of your next campaign and a whole lot more time on your hands.
  • Telemarketing with Wrk


Sales is about building relationships, but relationships take time. From phone calls and meetings to emails and text messages, it can take as many as 15 points of contact before a lead converts into a sale. By automating repetitive sales tasks, your team can save time at every stage of the sales funnel, allowing them to close deals sooner, and focus on growing your business.
  • Sales Data & List Management
    Keeping lists flush with fresh, qualified leads means aggregating and parsing data on an ongoing basis. By automating list building, CRM data entry, and lead scoring, your business can significantly reduce the time spent crunching numbers, and remain focused on converting leads.
  • Lead Nurturing
    Leads don’t convert on their own. They need to be nurtured. By automating your lead nurturing process, your sales team can ensure that leads are guided through each step of your conversion funnel without having to follow-up manually.
  • Deal Management
    Managing leads as they qualify requires considerable follow-up. From scheduling meetings and managing contacts to packaging service offerings around specific client needs, every repetitive aspect of your client onboarding process can be automated with Wrk.
  • Proposals
    Providing quotes, building proposals, and approving contracts is the most consistently repetitive part of every client onboarding process. Wrk can automate these tasks, helping your sales team meet compliance targets and close deals more quickly.

Customer Success

A customer’s life cycle only begins after a lead converts, and maximizing that life cycle is critical for scaling your business. From onboarding and retention to upselling and reporting, Wrk can help your business automate every repetitive aspect of your customer journey. Our automated Wrkflows help maximize revenues beyond the initial transaction, while reducing the operating costs of your customer success team.
  • Client Onboarding
    In the world of customer success, onboarding is that crucial first impression. From welcome messages and account setups to training videos and webinars, automated Wrkflows can help ensure that your users have every tool they need to succeed as customers.
  • Product Updates
    Value-props help convert leads into customers, but value-adds help retain them and ensure recurring revenue. From new feature announcements to product sunsetting, automated Wrkflows can help keep your customers engaged with your latest product or service.
  • Client Reporting
    Positive customer success outcomes require that you track and measure product usage against your clients’ goals. From aggregating product performance data to parsing it into actionable insights, Wrk can help your business automate monthly client reporting.
  • Customer Growth & Retention
    A business grows with its customer-base. Let Wrk help automate your customer retention and growth. From proactive customer support and feedback to sentiment analysis, we automate customer retention so that you can focus on acquiring new customers.

Customer Support

Not only is customer support a crucial component of customer success and retention (not to mention recurring revenue), it also represents considerable overhead. Indeed, the productivity lost to triaging and troubleshooting recurring customer support tickets represents a significant opportunity cost. Wrk can help your business automate those repetitive and recurring customer support requests so you can focus on scaling your business.
  • Ticket Routing & Escalation
    By automating the routing and escalating of customer support tickets, your business can significantly reduce operational costs. Wrk employs predefined rules and machine learning to automate this process to ensure that they’re addressed by the appropriate resource.
  • Password Resetting
    Password resets are simply too common for your IT team’s attention or bottomline. Automated Wrkflows allow your users to reset passwords without any IT intervention — either online, by voice recognition technology, or via an RSA SecurID token.
  • Automated Ticket Resolutions
    The majority of customer support tickets are recurring. These might be specific to your product or service, but their repetitiveness makes them ideal for automation. Let Wrk save your customer support team invaluable time.
  • Review Management & Responding
    The conversation extends well beyond your brand. Users are reviewing your business on multiple platforms, and managing those reviews is costly and time-consuming. Wrk can help your customer support team automate managing and responding to those reviews.

Finance & Administration

Nothing in business is more repetitive than recurring finance and administration tasks. Accounts payable go out, accounts receivable come in, business as usual — wash, rinse, repeat. By automating these recurring processes, your business can free up financial and administrative resources to focus on the big picture and find new efficiencies — i.e. helping your business grow, rather than just operate.
  • Month-End Closing
    Month-end closing reports should be timely, but the steps required to prepare them are numerous and time-consuming. Automate each of these as Wrk Actions™ in a Wrkflow, and let your finance team streamline accurate reporting while mitigating delays.
  • Accounts Payable, Receivable & Invoicing
    Cash-flow management allows your business to operate, forecast, and scale. However, it also involves many tedious and repetitive processes that can be easily automated into Wrkflows, freeing up finance resources to focus on growing your business.
  • Tax Preparation & Management
    Taxes are one of two certainties in life, but tax management is a tedious process that requires reporting from every department that spends or makes money. Wrk can help automate your internal financial reporting so your finance team is ready for year-end.
  • Purchasing & Procurement
    Inputs go in, products and services come out. Purchasing and procurement are at the heart of every business’s operations. Wrk can automate these recurring processes, including requesting quotes, accounts payable, verifying inspection sheets, and much more.

Human Resources

It’s your people that make your products and services possible. Of course, managing those people requires significant overhead. From recruiting and onboarding to training and time management, human resource costs are considerable. Wrk can help mitigate those costs by automating recurring HR tasks — allowing your HR team to focus on helping your team grow your business.
  • Recruitment
    As your business grows, so will your team, and automating the repetitive aspects of your recruiting process allows you to focus on choosing the right candidates. From managing job postings to sorting applications, Wrk can streamline your recruiting process end-to-end.
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
    Employee onboarding and offboarding requires that HR coordinates with multiple departments — from IT to payroll. By automating onboarding and offboarding, new hires become productive more quickly, and knowledge transfer and security are ensured when employees leave.
  • Claims & Requests
    From expense claims to vacation requests, routine employee activity requires considerable support from HR. By automating the submission and evaluation processes for such claims and requests into a Wrkflow, HR can spend less time on these recurring tasks.
  • Time Management
    Time is money, so time management is cost management. By automating timesheets and time management tasks, HR can not only free up more of their own time, but also produce more accurate (and timely) reporting on one of your business’s biggest overheads.
  • Onboarding Wrkflow

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