Introducing the first ever platform to combine human power + advanced automation.

Unlike traditional integration tools and outsourcing solutions that tackle a single pain point, Wrk understands that real life processes require a mix of human intervention and connected technologies to create effective end-to-end solutions.

Enter the Wrk platform — the only truly end-to-end solution for automating and executing business processes.

Reimagining Your Processes

We’ve built a system which tackles each step of a process with 100% flexibility, and combines them to address any business process — big or small.

Introducing Wrk ActionsTM

Any process can be broken down into singular units of highly-repetitive tasks — we like to call them Wrk ActionsTM.

These delivery-focused units mimic individual steps in a process, and can be configured to your exact systems and specs. Each Wrk Action is powered by automation, bots or humans who deliver the unit of work.

Configured Wrk Actions
Wrk Actions from Wrk

Connecting the dots

Wrk Actions are combined to form Wrkflows, which tackle end-to-end processes in a code-free, click-to-deploy model.

Our library of pre-built Wrkflows are ready to launch, spanning countless industries and departments. You can also use the Wrkflow Builder to build your own, and never have to change your processes for a tool ever again.

Automation Workflows

Set it and forget it

Don’t worry about a lengthy set-up or hours of upkeep. Configure and launch in minutes with no help from IT. The Wrk platform will automatically use the optimal mix of bots, automation, and our Wrkforce to deliver you quality work in real-time.

You can monitor progress and track key metrics in the platform — but you could also just go grab a coffee.


Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.

Start in minutes with a pre-configured Wrkflow

All of our pre-built Wrkflows come ready to tackle industry-specific needs across an organization. Here’s just a taste of what you can deliver with Wrk today.


  • Apply New Brand Rules across Content

    Update logo artwork, font styling, and colour codes according to a change guide for all marketing and sales material

  • Schedule QBRs with All Clients

    Email client list with availabilities, schedule relevant employees, book room or generate meeting link

  • Aggregate & Clean Tabular Data

    Take data from multiple excel sheets, clean then, and merge their results into an airtable

  • Facilitate Employee Furlough Process

    Fill out HR forms for thousands of furloughed employees to send to the government

  • Evaluate Customer Service Calls

    Transcribe, translate, and classify customer service phone calls to measure client satisfaction

  • Annotate Images for Artificial Intelligence

    Classify and annotate images to generate structured training data for AI

  • Research Competitors’ Pricing

    Run a competitive pricing audit by emailing and calling providers in a specific industry

  • Collect Menu Data for Local Restaurants

    Research, extract, and compile structured menu data from restaurants in a specific region

Now let’s work backwards from your problem.

When thinking about your first project with Wrk, think about a repetitive process that is bogging down your team — quarterly, weekly, or even daily.  Wrkflows mirror these tedious processes, automating what they can, and sending the manual steps to our Wrkforce, so your team can get back to the high-value tasks that matter most.

Need help tackling a one-time thing? We’ve got you covered there too.

  • Tackle unexpected surges of work

  • Manage seasonal peaks

  • Connect multiple departments

  • Offload mechanical tasks

  • Produce more consistent outcomes

  • Save precious time and money

  • Kickstart digital transformation

"Using Wrk has allowed us to streamline the acquisition of hundreds of data points that would have otherwise been cost-prohibitive to get."

Anthony Jacob, Pricing Manager

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